Friday, 23 March 2012

Goodbye Brunei

Goodbye Brunei,

There has been a lot of memories with you, You have shelter me from the good, the ugly, the bad, the love. But that is all you did, shelter me, gave me a good foundation, provide me the know-how of what to do. But you should know that that is all that you can give. There is more than what you have to offer, as an outsider that is all you can give me.

Through my younger years you have give ground to a small and good school for me, one of the best till the time that I have left that school in From 5, you have also shelter my friends there. Where we laughed and hang out at places that were pretty hip back then, there were no malls, only Jaya Hypermart and Yayasan. For your culture, I have first rode a boat from Pusar Ulak to Yayasan all under 50c. Fond memory of screaming my lungs out when we rode under the bridge with my friends back then.

My college years were also here in Brunei, in one of the best From Six center, named after the Crown Prince himself. It was indeed an honor to be able to study there, and only pay for the School fees. The Textbooks were free and the teachers and local students that you brought there were definitely, unique in every way. Through that college, I also learn how to speak your mother tongue fluently. I have made a few or only one or two good friends that I have contacted even till now. The others have turned their nose and chase their own dreams as well. I remember sometimes around 2011, I walked around Qlap Mall and I saw my college classmate, I smiled back at her to only be greeted with a stare of shock and awkwardness from her. Maybe she assumed that I was someone else. Mind you I finished my college years on 2008. Oh Memory, so full of them. It's a bad thing that I have to always remember people's faces even if I have just met them for a while.

My first working experience was also here in Brunei, although not in Bandar. but in KB. Some district that I have grown to like, the sight and sounds of it was so different from the ones that I have gotten used to in Bandar. It was very easy to adjust there, and things were much more quite, less busy and more slow. I picked up Mandarin again, when I was working there. I must say that you have vast variety of culture here. Something that I am very appreciative about. Without what you have grounded for, I have not learn a lot of things from it. Made friend with a very good lady that has worked with me. I wasn't able to make friends with anyone else, as you see, like those in Bandar, they would only hang out with people that they have schooled and grown familiar to, and to them, I was an outsider that just couldn't get the "inside" joke.

Now. I must say good bye, but it's not forever, when I'm back here I will be a tourist again. Visiting old places that I have grown to love so much.

You see the only reason why I have parted ways with you, is not because I have grown bored of you, but simply because, like your children, I have my own dreams to chase, I have to return back to my motherland, where as a citizen, I will be able to achieved it.

Your children, your infrastructure have shaped me to the person I am.

And with that, I Thank you, deeply from the bottom of my heart.

THANK YOU! for the 22 years of my life in BRUNEI.



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