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BONE - First day of Work and Three years within

If you have not read my previous blog, please do read to understand why I have write this post.
-KL, here I come~~ ( i can't link it, as it is not yet published at this time)
-BONE-Process of getting the Job from Bandar to KB

Today I might be touring around KL with my aunty and mom looking at hopefully the twin tower or visiting my other relative.

This is a scheduled post.
Part three,

I've packed my bag, nervous and afraid, as this will be my first ever "real" job. I really didn't know what to expect, with no experience under my belt, I was ready to learn. Take a giant leap do good at what I do.
05 Jan 2009 came with a blink of an eye, I woke up as early as I can to eat cereal and waited for my cousin to wake up to send me to work. My palms were sweaty and there were countless of times, in my head were thoughts of people scolding me, because I do not know how to do my work. As my cousin drove closer to the destination, with a slightly happy heart I stand strong and await what has behold me. Again thoughts were rushing to my head, this time on how people would bully me and I fall and cry. Trying hard to not let that thought haunt me, I gave in a deep breath and let it out. We arrived to our destination, My cousin wished me luck and I waited at the Reception for whoever to call on me to show me to my work station.

Honestly speaking, you know that your first day of work is as breezy as can be, there is only things that you need to remember but not do. When the days followed. I was thought a few more things before they let me do it on my own independently. 

First Year 2009
It was when I was independent in doing my own work, did the pressure came. It hit me like a brick of wall and I was left there to fend for my own mistakes and corrected them. You see the field in which I worked as was very demanding and requires a lot of things to not only remember but I would have to also asked my senior colleague if they are able to do this or that. The identity of the company will remain anonymous, for legal reasons. As my work pile up more with my snail pace catching up, I started to work late together with my supervisor. We talk tales about our lifes and how to handle our work. Most of the time she tries to give me advise on how to deal with "special" clients and how to handle my work. I guess by nature I was nice so I couldn't possibly tell some of my other colleague off.
Of course in every company there are bound to be politics, and this cannot be stopped no matter how many times you try to ignore it. Loudmouth, Badstabbers will always be there. Some maybe even jealous of my position that she tried to cast me away. This particular lady is the one that I had the most trouble with, but in the end it was because of her OWN cheekiness and mistakes she was fired, but even with that reason, She still tell everyone that I was the one who told the GM to fire. Up to this day she holds that grudge on me and I kinda just let it go, because the things that she said to me is not worthwhile to be spilled in this blog, but What I wanted to say all this time, is the difficulties of me for the first few months struggling to survive in this Workplace, at times I feel like giving up. Really there were alot of instance that I would cry myself to sleep. The pressure of work is just too much for a 19 year old to handle. But I stand tall and carry on, I find this as a challenge that needs to be face, I remember reminding myself, If I can survive there I can survive anywhere else.
First Year flies so fast I was adjusting quite well, there are always hiccups along the way and I managed to survived it.
However there is one tale that is worth telling in the First Year, I have told my mom that this job is very difficult for me and I am struggling, no matter what I try mistakes was there to greet me, As a dotting mother, she looked for other alternative and she managed to get me an interview with KFC , as the secretary to the GM, After experiencing an interview before I know how to handle myself. And lets just say the boss was nice, but the staff there, the manager, when they interviewed me, I knew straight away that they didn't like me, but because the GM did like me, they have no choice but to except me. During the interview the Manager/staff was asking me so many questions on what I can do and how can I do it. Funny thing, These Manager/ staff acts exactly like the people in my company, So to not have another heartache, I decline that position and stuck to the current one like glue.

Second year 2010
Second year come in and I was able to handle the pressure of phone calls, hundred emails per hour, and things to do to a bare minimum and I start to go back on time, and even manage to key in things that are supposed to, helped around, loitering a bit around the company, and things wouldn't go as smooth, Some Clients when they scold me I just ignore them and continuing to do my what I can and be more productive, But something inside me felt missing, I do not want to have a routine job, A job that day-in, day-out was the same and different client, same demands. So I tried my best to look for other alternative, at this time it wasn't a job, It was something more than that. But my search wasn't force-full enough that that thought just slide away from me, So a 7-4 job was still on. Because I was able to handle a lot more things, I gained clients as friends but of course still being professional. I managed to make them a lot happier than I was able to be in my first year. And at the end of the second year, I just know that if you were to make a mistake, nothing is unsolvable, I solved it, and It was pretty well. Although sometimes there were too many mistakes, but then again I was able to solve it, I was the kind of the person, who was no longer afraid of mistakes, My confident boosted up. Any wrong can be right. Of course some mistakes led to complains, but that no longer did bother me already, and it a smooth sailing second year.

Third year 2011
Third year was similar to second year, as this was a routine job not much have changed and all the errors or requirement or things that were needed was still the same. It was only when I met my current BF, that I had a reflection on my life, and that's when the search begin, It was very low key and no one knew my plan but my BF only. I began searching for what Uni would be good for me, I knew at the back of my mind that Communication was the course that I wanted, For I love speaking, being infront of the camera, uncovering the truth to even covering the truth, Music and anything that tickles me the fancy, and I know that Communication is the best. While working, I was already going online searching for what Uni offered what type of courses, and it all nails down to UTAR, I heard of it from a blogger called Utarboy, but he no longer updates the blog. And when I searched the site I was pretty happy that the Tuition fee was affordable, and the course that I thought I wanted was good. While other University did replied to my questions, I was waiting for the UTAR to give me a feedback, and that was a pain in the ass, everyday at work, I was waiting for their email to say I was eligible, but they didn't, their procedure was tough, So many things that left me scratching, I have asked in an email but to no avail they replied only three to four days later. They started their sem in Jan and it was pretty rushed for me to apply now since there is a million things I need to sort out in Brunei before my departure.
So I decided to go for their May intake, that leaves plenty of time for me to resign, and settle what I have to do including blogging the process.

Fourth Year 2012
Things that I needed to do at work is getting much less but maybe it's not getting much less but I'm already got the hang of things. So CNY came and went to Limbang to tell my mom that I would like to resign straight after CNY that leaves me ample to settle what is left. But my mom told me to hold it off first for because it is not a guarantee that I will be able to get to UTAR, and what's worse, my BF got information that the course I wanted to do in UTAR was not available in KL and was only available in Penang. I panic of course, thinking my plan had gone done the drain but little did I know plan B was on the way emerging from the ashes. Suddenly I remembered that out of all the expensive university, one of the best communication Uni had not replied to me, So I sent them about three time, asking them to reply as it was important, The correspondent was very nice and efficient, I manage to settle with him within 2 weeks. I sent him the application fee, and within a week I got offered, Not only that I managed to solve my hostel as well all under another week. So I am all settled, I send my resignation letter on the 16.02,2012, and everything I hoped for so far has gone accordingly to plan.

Right now, I'm unemployed and going to pledge to a full time student. When you are reading this, I would probably still touring around KL,
And you might wander what University I have chose? KDU University College in Damansaray Jaya and the course I am taking is BA (Hons) in Communication.

A part of dream is coming true.



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