Monday, 23 April 2012

Classes starts tomorrow~

I am as nervous as hell, but at the same time, I am excited. There are many things to be thankful for, for those who have known me, they know that this has been a life long dream. My only fear is that I tend to forget things more than I did last time.

I have stopped studying for three years, to earn a living. Now going back to student life has it perks as well as it's down side.

All I know is that my hand-writting will be quite off to how it was back then. Even when I am here now, the way i spoke in English began to rot. I used a lot of slangs and things like that. I just hope that when classes start I will go back to the nerdy yet fashionable self again.

You can ask anyone in my college or high school, How I was like back then. However people say that University life will be so different than College or High School. I have to admit they are right. There are still alot of blanks that needs to be filled on the procedure and things like that. My campus is big, so ultimately, I still have no idea where is my classroom. Some have weird names on it, that I can't even begin to tell you how lost I am.

I have to let you in on a small secret~ when I feel lost, I will cry~ sad ain't it? But its true, that's the reason why I will ask like mad around me so that I would not get lost or even feel lost.

The reason why feeling lost scares me was because back in Form 2, my computer teacher would test us on the speed of typing, back then our household was not as privilege as the rest. We had a computer, but we do not have internet. So MSN chatting or even blogging was out of my reach. Last time the hip thing was to go onto MSN and start talking about school work and classmates. (Well you all should know that the more you typed there the faster you get and the less you will need to look at the keyboard.) On that faithful day, our teacher dictate to us what we need to type, and being the slowest in the class I wasn't able to catch up, and the girl sitting next to me did not want to share what she has typed and keep asking me to listen to the teacher. Well she had a point, but she did not realised that I suck at typing super fast, I remembered asking the teacher to slow down, but he didn't, he kept talking and saying what we need to type. So ultimately, with the lack of help that I got from my "friends", I burst to tears! Strangely enough, as I remembered it, the teacher did not stop but merely saying that if we are so good in typing in MSN then it shouldn't be any problem typing here.
I know for a fact that the teacher did not look at every person situation and just assumed, everyone is the same.
On that day, I know that we cannot count on others that we thought were closed to help us. Nor can we count on the elders as their perception of teenager is at a whole and not individually.

Well here I am managed to survived through thick and thin, dust and rain. So wish me luck for this sem.

And just hope that I am able to score really well for anything that I set forth in University.


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